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SelExped Stock - Distribution Warehouse Software

SelExped Stock

Distribution Warehouse Software In-stock, ex-stock, relocation, repackaging with movement list, stock list, diary, waybill, work order, commission list and warehouse map. Fully customizable.

Additional costs:
Customization fee: $2,775.00
Monthly licence fee: $139.00

Applicable taxes might be added based on your location


1.1. Unlimited number of warehouses

- Manage halls or warehouses in the same location or physically separated ones
- Define commission rooms and gates as a hall or a warehouse

1.2. Define "virtual" warehouses to manage customs formalities

1.3. Unlimited number of customers

- Define customer related Master Data for automatic invoicing

1.4. Storage places

- Description of storage places can contain four dimensions 
- Storage places can be modelling different warehouses: drive-in, crossdock etc.
- Storage places can be assigned to fix customers or goods (items)
- Commission rooms and gets can be modelled as storage places
- Storage places can be locked and occupancy can be controlled too
- Storage place capacity (weight) and height can be defined

Priorities by storage place descriptions are assigned to storage places automatically supporting automated in- and ex-stock processes.

1.5. Stored goods

Assign goods to customers

Store detailed information about goods:

- Item numbers: three different, manufacturer's and customer related 
- Three description 
- Assign unique barcodes to your customers
- Customs tariff number 
- Country of origin, third country 
- Weight, height, width, length, 
- Height per pallet, stock on pallet
- Ex-stock order (FIFO, LIFO, by expiry date or manual) 
- Minimal stock, volume, storespace requiered 
- Price management (purchase price, sales price)
Ex-stock unit (defines the requiered number of items for ex-stock)
- Packaging unit management with fixed multipliers
- Complex goods management with parts list


2.1. In-stock

- In-stock data can be registered either manually, or in an electronic way.
- The storage places can be assigned automatically, according to the order defined in the master file.
- The program is able to handle the storage system of both "drive in" and "back to back" warehouses.
- There is a possibility of handling LOT numbers, and list the inventories by LOT numbers.)

2.2. Ex-stock, commission, relocation

You can handle commission room at ex-stock. The system registers the goods which are already carried to the commission room and offers it at first for ex-stock. When the commission room becomes empty, it makes an offer from where it would be the most practical to ex-stock the goods.

In case of ex-stock without commission room, the system will handle the residue stock on pallet. In case of more, physically separated warehouses or halls you can follow-up the relocation process. With giving a goal function, the program can give a recommendation to reasonable relocations.

2.3. Repackiging

You can store and manage your inventories in different packaging. In Master Data of stored goods you have to define the basic product and further add its packaging units with sub-item ID's which refers to the basic products and defines the multiplier.

2.4. Production/assembly/disassembly

These are modelled as special warehouse processes where a new product is assembled by a pre-defined part list or a complex product is in-stocked in parts following a pre-defined method.


Each in-stock item is stored under a unique identifier, thereby giving the possibility to set up a barcode system. See further details of SelExped Stock PDA.


4.1. In-stock list

4.2. Ex-stock list

4.3. Movement journal

4.4. Warehouse map

4.5. Item map

4.6. Graphical warehouse and item map (Excel)

4.7. Stock list


Selester privately owned company developes and distributes industry oriented software solutions for shipping, trucking and logistics companies.


SelExped is a World-Class software solution supporting Trucking, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Ocean Freight, Air Freight and Rail Cargo.



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